Donation Activity

On March 3, 2018, Huangyan Perfumery Vice President Mr. Cai and Labor Union Leader Mr. Tian went to Jiangxi Province Cedarwood production area to visit the farmers. They checked the working and living conditions of the farmers ,shared some idea with them, then had a donation activity.

Huangyan Perfumery have been paying attention to farmers living conditions for all the time, we hope farmers well prepare themselves better for future challenges at work.

 In order to make farmers work in safe environment, Mr. Tian gave a prensantion of how to protect themselves at work.

 Huangyan Perfumery prepared some food like rice,  cooking oil, beverage, flour and had a donation.

Vice president Mr.Cai said that Huangyan Perfumery is a leading manufacturer of Cedarwood products for more than 60 years. We realized the importance of taking care of the farmers who are working closely with us, and we will continue doing charity work, supporting the farmers and poor kids for school which we have been doing like always.

Huangyan Perfumery appeal to more and more companies pay attention to the basic level farmers, hope more people could join us and support the charity work. We believe that one small movement will bring immense effect to the society!